Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sign Up For Testimonies

Hi all, take a look at what's available to you below. The topics are vague, but that's the point. Leave me a comment for which date you would like to speak. (It would be helpful to read the comments to make sure that you don't choose a day that's been spoken for.) It's first come-first served! And if we don't get you this time around, there will be more coming this winter.

Oh, and this post will probably be taken down once we get this all figured out. I've got big plans for this blog that I'm not ready to go live with...quite yet. Thanks!

October 8 -- Busyness and Slowing Down To Listen To God
October 22 -- Who Guides You? (Guidance From Someone Other Than God)
October 29 -- God's Love Is Like a Fountain (When you have been touched or overwhelmed by God's constant outpouring of love in your life?)
November 5 -- Having a Relationship With Jesus
November 12 -- Loving Your Friends And Family (Getting Personal With Those Who Know You Best)
November 19 -- Love To Community (Sharing Your Faith)
December 3 -- Leaving a Legacy (How Do You Want Your Life To Make a Difference?)
December 10 -- Small Things that Trip Us Up
December 17 -- We All Need Each Other (Importance of Community)